Toodles Trek for Tots


Please donate to help fund the Sonoma Family Adventure.

Coastwalk is a California based, non-profit organization and long-time advocate for the protection of the California coast. One of the many wonderful programs Coastwalk offers is the Sonoma Family Adventure, which allows families the opportunity for a 3 day/ 2 night hiking adventure, filled with storytelling, discovery and hot meals! Along with a guide and under the supervision of a Coastwalk Leader with years of experience hiking the California coast, families will explore the scenic trails of Salt Point State Park, learn about coastal habitats and enjoy all the natural beauty of the Sonoma coast.

Working hand-in-hand with Coastwalk we’ve ensured that 100% of your donation will go directly to Coastwalk California and help to create “Camperships”, which will cover the cost, in full, for those children and parents who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend a Coastwalk.

Together, with the support of the communities and individuals of this great State, we can help provide a spark that ignites an enduring passion for Nature in the youth of California. We can help create new Youth programs throughout the 15 counties making up The California Costal Trail, so that children from Crescent City to Eureka, Mendocino to San Francisco, Monterey to Santa Cruz, Los Angeles to San Diego, can all participate in adventures advocating Coastal awareness, discovery, healthy living and creating lasting memories in the Wild.

Please click here to visit the gofundme page, and support as you can, as your donations will help those children and families who may not be able to afford such an opportunity. Thank you again and kind regards to all.

Coastwalk is a 501c(3) non-profit organization: federal tax identification number 68-0150696. Please check with your tax preparer regarding deducting this contribution from your income taxes.

All funds raised are tax deductible – to the extent allowable by law.

Click here to donate directly to Coastwalk, and to help fund all their hard work.

Also working to complete the California Coastal Trail is the State of California Coastal Conservancy agency.