Hello, my name is Derek. Hikers know me as “Toodles.” I am an adventure enthusiast, thru-hiker, California coastal advocate and much more.


Our mission in 2017 is to raise awareness about Coastwalk, and to provide a funding campaign for this great non-profit organization. The goal is to fund the Sonoma Family Adventure for two years thus creating the opportunity in the future to fund or to create similar campership programs for the fourteen other counties along the California Coastal Trail. This will all be done with the hope of empowering children and families who may not otherwise be able to participate in these types of programs.

To do this, I will be hiking nearly 3,800 miles along The California Coastal Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. Join me for 6 months of excitement, tribulations and the shenanigans one would expect during a great thru-hike.


Our vision is to see every child in the state of California afforded the opportunity to connect with nature in a manner that mutually benefits both humans and the natural environment. The completion of the California Coastal Trail, the creation of land protections, and the overall raising of awareness about conservancy for future generations are all paramount as well.